Your Source for Experienced:
Environmental and Community Noise and Land-Use Compatibility Studies,

Office/Residential/Classroom Acoustics, including HIPAA Oral Privacy,
Industrial Noise Measurement and Control, and Expert Witness Services 

Richard James, Principal Consultant for E-Coustic Solutions, LLC (ECS) is a leader in noise control, noise measurement and hearing loss prevention. He has successfully developed innovative solutions to noise problems for over fourty-five years.

In that time we have developed a simple, yet effective approach: provide the right people with the right tools,and a solution will not be far away. ECS is dedicated to finding those solutions. We are committed to developing and applying the right tools and methods for each situation.,Our goal is to help our clients.

ECS brings years of experience and offers a variety of resources at your disposal, including:

  • Community Noise
  • Office and Classroom Privacy
  • HIPAA Oral Privacy requirements
  • Noise control solutions
  • Noise control process management
  • Environmental noise expertise
  • Employee training seminars
  • Purchase specification development
  • Equipment certification
  • Software Development

We invite you to apply our solutions and experience to your situation.

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