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Avatar Consumer Products
Interactive Hearing Loss Prevention Guide™

  • Protect your hearing at all times.
  • While at work you can use this guide to identify known jobs and areas where you should use hearing protection.
  • Select your facility from the list on the left

Demo Note: All information on this page is provided to illustrate how to use the I-HeLP Guide to increase worker awareness of self-protective behaviors related to preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss.  Avatar Consumer Products is a fictional company used by JAA to illustrate its tools and software methods of managing an on-going Noise Control and Hearing Loss Prevention Program.  Any similarities to entities with similar names is coincidental. 
Demo of Interactive Hearing Loss Prevention Tool Based on One*dB™ Sound Exposure Audit methodology.
Interactive Hearing Loss Prevention Guide™ and I-HeLP Guide™ are trademarks of E-Coustic Solutions and Richard R. James.