Hearing Protection Options

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We have selected three types of hearing protection for use in the plant.  Click on the protector type to the left for instructions on how to use each type.  To determine which type(s) are recommended for each job in the plant click on the Main or Warehouse buttons.  Then, follow the instructions to identify your department and job classification.

Hearing Protection Devices may be obtained at the Medical Department and Safety Crib. Supervisors in posted areas of the plants also maintain a supply of the Formable Plugs.

If your job has been identified as "Hearing Critical" and you are part of the in-plant communication system you should be using an ear muff with 2-way radio capabilities and external sampling microphones with level compressor.   Please contact the Safety Department for more information.

If you have a hearing disability and are required to wear hearing protection please contact the Medical Department.  Some people may qualify for hearing aids that are rated for use in noisy areas. The Medical Department can put you in contact with a medical professional that can determine if you will benefit from this technology.

Remember: Use of personal entertainment devices (PED) (radios/tape/CD players with headsets) is NOT PERMITTED in any area of the plant.  If you wish to purchase a plant-approved hearing protector that will let you listen to your PED while at work, please contact Safety for information on approved devices.  These devices are at your cost, but qualify for purchase under our payroll deduction plan.

Demo Note: All information on this page is provided to illustrate how to use the I-HeLP guide to increase worker awareness of self-protective behaviors related to preventig Noise Induced Hearing Loss.  Your ideas on the type of hearing protection provided on site, how to use them, when to use them, and other details that pertain to this topic can be linked from this page.